„Dial” – SzondaFlow

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Integrated complex process management IT system

Safeguards information, reliable operation is ensured by integrated control routines. Offers communication capabilities to meet modern network requirements.


  • SzondaFlowProcesses system, documentation
  • Functional specifications of processes
  • Time use reports
  • IBM Lotus Domino Server Express CAL and IBM Lotus Workflow client license
  • Organizational database
  • Customer database
  • Quote and contract database
  • Project database
  • Assessment features
  • Post-calculation
  • Operator database
  • Calculation of operator wages
  • Employee HR database, training database
  • Sub-versions of printable documents
  • Relevant integrations

Important features of the system are provided by the functional sub-modules of processes: primary, supportive, supplementary, management, project-type.

SzondaFlow creates process inventory, process maps, flowcharts and tables, which can be automatically received or requested by the users. Enables control over capacity allocation and process status.

The system also categorizes tasks and resources. Assigns tasks and creates operator task lists. For bigger, longer-term tasks, it suggests workgroup members based on existing information gathered over a longer period.

When planning for permissions, you can define the roles responsible for each process step, the roles eligible to restart the process, and the access to high-level queries and time usage reports. You can design roles that may perform any of the steps instead of the person responsible.