3. Recording data for research purposes

  • Current economic, social or political issues
  • Market research
  • Marketing research
  • The role and impact of the media
  • Investigation of the impact of advertisements

The research, analysis and management of data and information are the keystones of decision-making, both in the market and administrative sectors. Our company also functions as a background agency for Hungarian media, market and public opinion research, right from the beginning. This is proven by thousands of research projects that have been conducted via phone.
Our professional managers have degrees in Sociology, so they “speak the same language” as the Clients. Our top supervisors have at least ten years experience, and our qualified operators ensure that the data recording process meets strict requirements pertaining to research activities.

Callbacks are managed by our proprietary call centre software. It also sets quotas as per a predefined pattern and prepares statistics. Our polling program is equipped with automatic call allocation software, voice recording options and monitoring functions. The software is capable of displaying and querying even the most complex questionnaires.