About us

SzondaPhone Kft has served its Clients since 1998, with top-quality telephony-based services backed by state-of-the-art technology.

It’s been over a quarter-century. And, thanks to our Clients and colleagues (as well as the quality we provide), our growth has continued ever since.
Our company is being expanded at the Budapest site as well as nationwide. In 2006, we opened a site in Nyíregyháza, then another one in Miskolc in 2010, increasing the number of our workstations to over 500.

With their relevant knowledge and supportive attitudes, our managers contribute a lot to the constant progress of our company. Almost all of our employees in the “cockpits”, as well as in the back offices, have worked as operators before, so they all have the relevant experience to understand the responsibilities and issues that may await them.